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Natural Essential Oil Blends to rebalance
your Body, Mind & Soul 

Unlock the power of nature with

Upendi Essential Blends.

Your path to self-care and natural wellness.

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A Collection for every Occasion

100% Pure Handmade Products

Discover Upendi's range of natural essential blends to support your immune system,

emotional and hormonal irregularities & bring back balance into your life.  

Gentle on you. Gentle on your family.



“All the oils in my pack are considered my first aid kit." - Shannon

“ I never leave home without my Family Essentials kit. There is never a day when I don't need at least one blend." - Jamie

“I have a set of Upendi blends in my bedroom, my kitchen and my desk at work, everyone comes straight to me to be "painted" when they have a medical issue." - Cathy

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  MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA                         100% NATURAL                         CRUELTY FREE                          QUALITY ASSURED       

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