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Each Essential Collection has been created over the years as my family grew and aged. Each collection was for a specific time frame in our lives.  Each Essential Collection is a guideline for you and your family on your Upendi Essentials journey. Please feel free to create your own collections and share them with us.

Family Essentials 1.jpg


Blending essential oils together, provides significantly improved results for health and overall well-being. Combining oils increases efficacy by working on several different levels simultaneously. In addition to combining their effects, natural extracts can support each other in their respective actions, and thus prove to be more effective together, as a combination. Each blend is unique and was specifically developed to help one of my loved ones deal with a specific dis-ease process.


There is a wide range of Essential oil and roller bottle accessories available. We have chosen to offer a few of our favourites that will help keep your Essential Blends safe as they become part of your everyday lifestyle. The cases and zip bags are wonderful to keep in your car or handbag. Our stands are hand made with an abundance of love and allow you to keep your oils ready to use in your home.

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