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Family Essentials

Family Essentials

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    FAMILY ESSENTIALS  is a collection of 10 blends that will enhance your family’s first aid kit. Most modern medicines were derived from plants found in nature, so it only makes sense to incorporate the essential oils made from these plants into your first aid kit. These blends are natures "must have" for every home.

    •Immuno Boost

    •Breathe Easy

    •Burn Relief

    •Belly Blues

    •Pain Away

    •Headache Ease

    •Infect Away

    •Itch Relief

    •Mama Calm

    •Sweet Dreams

Bites & Stings Fix

“I had a really nasty spider bite last week and I used Stings & Bites Fix by Upendi Essentials.

By day 3 the itching and stinging had stopped.

By day 6, I could hardly see the bite.

By day 7, there was no sign I had even had a spider bite.” - Jo Elliot

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