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Fever Fix

Fever Fix


Reduce High Temperatures


    INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Essential Oils. Copaiba, Nutmeg, Peppermint, carrier oil.

    DIRECTIONS: Apply up and down the spine, on the temples and the bottom of the feet.

    HEALING PROPERTIES: Upendi Essentials FEVER FIX Blend,  contains cooling properties  that help cool down body temperature when you are running a fever. FEVER FIX can be applied directly onto the skin. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

  • Testimonials

    “My 3 year old daughter was ill one Sunday. When we checked, she had a fever of 40 degrees Celsius. I used Fever Fix from Upendi Essentials and rubbed it up and down her spine.  Half an hour later I checked her temperature again and it was down to 39 degrees Celsius.  I once again rubbed Fever Fix up and down her spine and then checked her temperature half an hour later and her temperature was 36.5 degrees Celsius ... her fever was totally gone!!” - Samantha

Bites & Stings Fix

“I had a really nasty spider bite last week and I used Stings & Bites Fix by Upendi Essentials.

By day 3 the itching and stinging had stopped.

By day 6, I could hardly see the bite.

By day 7, there was no sign I had even had a spider bite.” - Jo Elliot

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