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Pest Away

Pest Away


Insect Repellant


    INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Essential Oils. Citronella, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Spearmint, Thyme, carrier oil.

    DIRECTIONS:  Apply externally to exposed areas of skin especially after dusk.

    HEALING PROPERTIES: Upendi Essentials PEST AWAY Blend, has repellant properties that helps keep insects from biting you and passing on diseases such as malaria. It provides a natural, effective, safe and eco-friendly solution for repelling insects such as flies and mosquitoes by using strong aromas. PEST AWAY can be applied directly onto the skin. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

  • Testimonials

    “Living in Ashburton, South Africa we have an abundance of mosquitoes in the rainy season. Our entire household use Upendi’s Pest Away oil and spay to keep the mosquitoes away. I feel using this oil is far better for my family's skin and general health as it contains no pesticides.” – Granny Doe

Bites & Stings Fix

“I had a really nasty spider bite last week and I used Stings & Bites Fix by Upendi Essentials.

By day 3 the itching and stinging had stopped.

By day 6, I could hardly see the bite.

By day 7, there was no sign I had even had a spider bite.” - Jo Elliot

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